Roast beef, cream cheese & greens wrap

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My mom used to send me to school with extra of her homemade lunches, knowing that if she didn’t, I might not eat much. My friends always wanted what I had for lunch. I would envy their Lunchables and Doritos and they would want my Chinese chicken salad or (pictured above) roast beef and cream cheese wraps. This is hardly a recipe, and my mom and I aren’t the first to come up with this combo, but I just had to share it. It’s such an easy, healthy to-go lunch option. You could use any mild green you like. Earlier this week we were using spinach. Today it was butter leaf lettuce and pea shoots. We’ve also made this with smoked salmon-lox in a wrap! Specialty food stores such as Whole Foods sells the smoked salmon trimmings for a few bucks per container. It’s perfectly good smoked salmon, just not cut in the pretty uniform sheets that people prefer to buy. So many possibilities here. However, I do think you should stick with the green spinach tortillas. They have such a great earthy flavor and hearty texture. Here’s the “recipe!”

Roast beef, cream cheese & spinach wraps:

Serves 1:

  • Spinach tortilla
  • Spoonful of cream cheese
  • Handful of spinach, butter lettuce, microgreens or something similar
  • 3-5 slices of good quality roast beef
  • Sprinkle of dill


  • Spread cream cheese on tortilla (easier to do if it’s at room temperature). Then lay greens, then the roast beef, and then the sprinkle of dill. Roll it up into a wrap and enjoy!


  • These wraps hold up nicely so you can make a big batch and not have to worry about the tortillas getting soggy.
  • For a little kick, consider a small amount of horseradish spread on the cream cheese.
  • For toddlers and young kids, cut into pinwheels and use less greens – they will hold up better and be easier to chew!

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