Summer Meals in Photos

Hello friends,

This summer has flown by! I’ve found myself scrambling to make the most of all the delicious produce that will soon be gone come fall. As a result, I decided to take a pause on trying to write recipes for this little ole’ blog of mine. While I love sharing recipes and tips for feeding the young ones, if I’m not intentional, it can easily take away from the enjoyment of our meals. I’m heartbroken when a once piping hot meal turns lukewarm. And the pre-children A-type in me wants every shot perfect, the recipe documented and tested to the tee, error-free writing, etc.  So instead of sharing a series of posts with recipes and notes attached, I’m sharing a few of our favorite (and easy!) dishes we’ve enjoyed this summer that I was able to at least snap a photo of. I’ve included brief descriptions of each but feel free to drop a comment if you want a more involved recipe – I’ll be happy to provide it!

IMG_8526 (2)

Summer squash risotto, blackened shrimp and fried sage leaves for crunch. For the risotto, I simply followed the instructions on the bag adding a few grated summer squash with a big pinch of turmeric to enhance the color about halfway through the cooking. 


Cucumber, melon and mozzarella salad dressed with mint, basil, lime & ginger – so lovely and light.

IMG_7394 (2)

Kinda sorta morning glory muffins filled with zucchini, carrots, pineapple, apple, nuts and way more goodness – perfect for summer travels with kids or busy adults needing a healthy burst of energy.

IMG_7173 (2)

Above & below…Nicoise Salad, we’ve enjoyed various forms of this all summer long. Seared tuna chunks dressed with fresh dill, green beans, radishes, cucumbers, tomatoes, boiled then roasted potatoes and boiled eggs. Toddlers and babies alike can learn to love this salad.  Egg, green beans and olives are great finger foods for older babies. 

IMG_7181 (2)

IMG_7185 (2)

Focused little egg peeler. 


Fried okra with pesto mayo for dipping.

IMG_8595 (2)

The perfect summer party salad inspired by my longest running favorite cookbook, The Picnic (literally I want to make everything in this book!) of peaches, corn, tomatoes, cucumber and red onion dressed with feta, basil, olive oil and red wine vinegar. Great for summer potlucks or grill nights. 

smoke salmon

Another meal inspired by The Picnic, smoked salmon atop cucumber slices with sesame oil and seeds, paired with cantaloupe and roasted red pepper gazpacho.

IMG_8381 (2)

Peach ice cream sandwiched between Anna’s Swedish almond cookies. An ice cold treat that kept us so satisfied during hot summer days in Mississippi.


Thanks for reading, happy summer and as usual, happy eating!




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