Butternut squash, kale & sausage pizza-with kids!

It may come as a surprise to read that I haven’t done much cooking lately. For the past few months, I really didn’t even want to have to think about what was for dinner, let alone cook anything. Good timing, since we’ve been reaping the benefits of a very long, yummy meal train-thank you friends!  It gave me a new perspective for people that just don’t find joy in cooking though, because everyone has to eat. It really is so hard to conjure up something to feed your family when you are tired, hungry and really don’t even want to open the fridge. I can empathize 🙂 Luckily, it must have been linked to the whirlwind fall we had with a move, several months of company, and a new baby, because that lack of enthusiasm has subsided.

Leave it to Grace and Charlotte to light a fire under me and get me back in the kitchen. They took note of my cooking hiatus (it didn’t even occur to me that they’d notice!) and didn’t like it apparently, offering up all sorts of little heart tugging comments about my lack of involvement in their meals. To make up for this, I planned us a pizza making date last week much to their enjoyment.  There’s no real recipe in this post, just some photos with ingredient lists and tips so you can recreate your own little pizza party and try an alternative to the classic pepperoni and tomato (even though that was requested for the next pizza party 😉 ) Enjoy the photos and send any questions you have my way.


Little chef stations. Things run much more smoothly, if you can set them up their own work stations, at their height with age appropriate tools and ingredients mostly prepped. Pictured above, kale for tearing, cubed butternut squash and chicken sausage for chopping and topping, mozzarella and goat cheese for slicing and crumbling, cloves of roasted garlic for peeling and mashing and olive oil for pouring and spreading.


Some helpful tools for pizza making with kids: crinkle cutter knives, silicone bakery brushes, mini pizza pans, mini spatulas and condiment cups. Important-this is not something to attempt when you are tired after a long day and rushing to get food on the table. It’s a weekend or leisure late afternoon activity when you can do it for fun with no rush. 


I think Charlotte is going to be my lifetime kitchen companion. Maybe it’s because she’s still so young but she is so into it and her kitchen skills are so impressive for her age. Look at that focus!

IMG_5211 (2)

Mom + dad’s pizza


G + C’s pizza


Hope you all have a lovely, delicious Christmas holiday and thanks for reading!

P.S. If you’re in Raleigh, Diamonds in the Rough: Chatham Square for Raleigh Magazine

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