Do you make your kids stay at the table?

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Happy 2019!

We’re just returning from a whirlwind week in Mississippi where we celebrated Christmas with our family (actually by the time I post this-we likely will have been back for an entire month). While on our trip, we were served a “fancy” (in Grace’s words) breakfast at our B&B every morning. Oh, it was blissful. We woke up every morning, got dressed and moseyed on over to the main house where a long table was properly set with china, flatware, and a warm meal waiting for us. I love breakfast. When someone else makes me and my family breakfast, I really really really love breakfast. It really is always the highlight of my day when we’re out! When we travel now, we have one criterion for how we choose where we will stay – “is breakfast included?”

While dining at the B&B every morning, it prompted a discussion my husband and I had that I wanted to open up here.

When your kids are finished eating at home, or out to eat, do you make them stay at the table until everyone is finished or do you excuse them?

We’ve always let the girls get down when they were finished eating and for the most part are still sticking to that approach. However, recently we’ve found if one child gets down, the other wants to get down as well. And if they’re both down, chances are one of us has to get up for whatever reason. Then the entire meal is disrupted or sort of comes to a halt. I know long leisurely meals aren’t in this season of life I’m in, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable for me to be able to enjoy a meal without having to get up! There are pros and cons to each option. Make them stay at the table and you don’t have to get up. Yet, you might end up with fussy children and/or having to entertain them then entire time. Allow them to get down and who knows what they’ll get into and how many times you’ll have to get up.

I’d love to know you and your family’s approach, especially for any more seasoned mothers that are reading. Let me know and I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!


P.S. In related terms, a while ago I wrote a piece on eating out with kids and avoiding the kids menu that I thought was appropriate to revisit. You can view it here.  And for Raleigh folks, read about a super cool start-up, here.


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