Bring Books to Life – Part 1

So many books, so little time. If you’re in need of easy, low cost, low mess, and low stress activities to do with your kids (that are a huge hit!) – look to your books. I love drawing inspiration for activities and meals from what we’re reading. It’s so exciting for little ears to be able to turn their current favorite read into reality. Book magic! So I wanted to pop in and share three kids books we’ve been reading and cooking from lately. If I can stick to it, I might try to do this regularly.

img_5764 (2)

No Kimchi For Me by Aram Kim, tells the short tale of the youngest in the family who’s often called “baby” by her older siblings because she can’t handle the strong spicy taste of kimchi. She’s determined to prove that she’s not a baby and so eager to eat the darn kimchi. I love her ambition! Leave it to the wise grandma to help her find a solution at the very end. What’s most surprising about this book is that it’s made a kimchi pancake convert out of my husband thanks to the family recipe at the end. It’s also solidified my theory that when all else fails, turn it into a fritter.


I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato by Lauren Child: An adorable read about two siblings- Charlie the older brother, and Lola the picky eater who refuses to eat anything. Charlie is in charge of making Lola dinner one night and does some ingenious food re-branding. The ending is the best part! This meal of raw tomatoes, carrots, peas and fish sticks (yes I bought fish sticks) takes no time to make and is a huge hit for toddlers. And Grace, who for a long time refused any seafood and most meats, now requests “ocean nibbles” on the regular. I swear it was this book that did it!


How Did that get in my Lunchbox? by Chris Butterworth: This is an excellent book for teaching kids where food comes from and it goes beyond just farm to table talk. It takes a popular school lunch composed of apple juice, a sandwich, cookie, carrots etc and goes into great detail about specifically where that food item originated from and how it was made, using super fun and engaging illustrations. We let it inspire our lunches for a week recently and the girls were ecstatic to be eating cookies, sandwiches and juice boxes every day for lunch. Usually, they’re eating some form of leftovers from the day before that I’ve disguised as lunch- ha!

What kids books are you reading lately that I need to add to our shelves?

Also for the curious, we’re huge fans of the Yumbox for school lunches and food on the go, as well as cloth snack bags, similar to these on Etsy that my talented friend Sandy made.


Keep in touch.



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