A week’s worth of simple, tasty family dinners

I’m sharing a few meals we’ve enjoyed lately that were easily thrown together in a pinch with a little prep done on the weekend or the night before. Most of these were the result of avoiding a grocery trip so I looked to pantry staples and things buried in my freezer. Hopefully these can serve as some inspiration for you and your family during this busy season of life, which I myself am always looking for. Enjoy!

Brussels pasta

Shredded and seared brussel sprouts with chopped pecans, Parmesan, a generous amount of olive oil, salt and pepper, served with this (no cook!) gemelli pasta. 


Curry chicken salad made on the weekend with a store bought rotisserie chicken, leftover celery, random raisins, this ginger spread and pistachios. Served with blood oranges (a strange concept for two toddlers!) and some damn good cheese from Wine Authorities purchased on a Friday night out. 


A pot of beans cooked low and slow (we pretty much only cook Camellia brand!)  with cornbread muffins that served as breakfast and snack supplements the rest of the week.


Charcuterie and fromage. Zero effort or cooking and always a crowd pleaser.IMG_6377 (2)

Sweet potato hummus made from leftover roasted sweet potatoes, two cans of garbanzo beans, the juice of an orange, cinnamon, cumin, garlic, tahini and olive oil. A wonderful, healthy and flavorful snack or spread for sandwiches for throughout the week.

Also a few helpful posts you may have missed-meal planning tips and a chicken trick that will save you time and money.

P.S. My favorite spots to eat, play and shop in Raleigh right here.

Hope this was helpful and if you ever need any recipes, ideas, tips etc you know how to find me! Xx -Addie

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