Here you will find recipes that celebrate vegetables instead of hiding them and ideas for raising little gourmands.  After receiving a myriad of comments and questions about how Grace (2.5) and even Charlotte (1 year) eat such a wide range of foods, I started Grace Gourmet as a kitchen journal of sorts for my friends and family looking for ideas.I want this to be a place of inspiration and discussion for other food-loving parents that want their kids to have a healthy relationship with food. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the title “Grace Gourmet” means we eat elaborately and expensively. While we enjoy good food, we try our best to stick to a strict food budget and aim to cook as simple and seasonal as possible. Our young children eat just as we eat, as you will see on this site. And yes, that means if we are having pizza and ice cream, that’s what they’re served too. There are no “kids foods” in the house. There’s just a wide variety of tasty, and for the most part healthy, food for the entire family! I genuinely enjoy cooking and everything involved (except the clean-up!). I wouldn’t put forth the effort if I didn’t.  I don’t foresee myself ever sewing my kids’ Halloween costumes or coaching a sports team because that wouldn’t be enjoyable for me. We all have our passions which we apply to parenting, and food is mine. 

P.S. This is a little hobby for me. I’m a wife, mom, friend, etc., plus try to fit in work when I can. This means my posting schedule is quite unpredictable! In that same sense since, I’m not a full time food blogger nor desire to be (there’s already so much good stuff out there!). You can expect short, sweet and straight forward posts.

Enjoy and happy cooking!